eMarketing in the Travel Industry

Budget airline moves to targeted customer contact

Sending 750,000 personalised emails in 24 hours requires careful systems optimisation. But to track each email and determine the following emails requires an understanding of requirements, systems and software engineering.

Our customer is a budget airline with a large customer base. They have historically used bulk emailing for customer contact, but a new customer services team recognised the need for more targeted communication. We were able to alert the company to the added opportunity for handling the significant challenge of schedule change management within a single, unified system. The requirement was therefore to handle up to 1 million customised and targeted emails per day, in a system sensitive to individual customer responses.

Customer Challenge

  • Improve contact with customers by reducing bulk emailing and running carefully targeted email campaigns to a set schedule in a campaign sensitive to individual customer responses.
  • Improve responsiveness through direct management of creatives in the system, dynamic control of target audiences, and real-time monitoring of campaigns.

Our Approach

  • Using our Fireflint eCRM product, we configured a high-throughput emailing service allowing both one-off bulk emails and integrated campaigns.
  • This was developed and tuned in close collaboration with the client, resulting in a system which significantly improved on their existing solution, both in cost and performance.

Customer Benefits

  • Single system for all customer communication.
  • Improved customer experience, with much bulk emailing replaced by customised and targeted emails.
  • Direct control of the structure and timing of individual campaigns, with the ability to intervene in a campaign at any time.
  • Individual tracking of customer responses within a campaign, allowing for automated responses.
  • Dynamic management of own creatives, with facility to run test campaigns.
  • Dynamic specification of target audiences from existing databases.
  • Handling of schedule change management as a special case of a targeted campaign.
  • Monitoring of progress and success of campaigns, including statistical analysis of the use of hyperlinks within emails.
  • Web-based eCRM application accessible from anywhere.
  • Full access control based on user roles.
  • High performance, low cost solution.