Web based Service Directory for Genetic Testing

UK Genetic Testing Network

The UK Genetic Testing Network advises the NHS on genetic testing across the whole of the UK. It aims to ensure the provision of high quality equitable genetic testing services.

The goal of the project was to create a website and online directory which acts as a portal to the vast array of laboratory testing services offered throughout the UK.

Customer Challenge

  • To rationalise and update the website, which had developed and evolved over a number of years.
  • To design and build a directory managment system to capture details of genetic testing services throughout the UK
  • To make the extensive information the website contains more accessible to its primary users: health care professionals, commissioners of services and members of the general public.
  • To make it easier to manage on a day to day basis.

Our Approach

  • We applied our Fireflint methodology to engage with the cutomer in a design exercise to evolve an appropriate look and feel for the website, and appropriate information flows.
  • We systematically mapped existing and new content into the new site structure.
  • We prototyped the search functions related to the dynamic content of the site.
  • We deployed a state of the art, Open Source content management system for the customer.
  • We developed the Directory Management System from an analysis of information contained in paper versions of the testing directory.
  • We linked to the customer's test offerings database to supply the dynamic site content.

Customer Benefits

  • Full customer engagement in the design process at all stages.
  • Corporate style automatically maintained for all content.
  • Edit/approval cycle for content.
  • Fully consistent page structure, with breadcrumbs to improve navigation.
  • Auto-generated site map