Electronic Lab Notes

Inscribe is a web based system that centralises data storage, and enables collaboration and data retrieval. Inscribe is about preserving the value generated by research activity.

Certus ELN workframe

Certus Inscrbe includes a range of functions in support of research management -

Protocols - Add, store, create and edit required protocols to document the expected procedures. Protocols can be created, shared and referenced in lab notes.

Lab Notes - record all your lab efforts, procedures and ideas. link to enquiries, related experiments and findings. 

Research Maps - research maps is a platform to plan your projects and monitor progress, it is designed to drive logic and as such- reflect clear outcomes. 

Image Management - Certus ELN and OMERO will allow storing, organising and analysis of your images, in a high standard that couldn’t be filed any other way. Automation of required mesurements, ROI and reports, reducing manual and error prone processes.

Materials management -  record and track items, their location and owner. maximise the space and storage available in your labs to save money.

Systems Biology Graphic Tool - create graphical representation of pathways and networks, that can be read and understood easily. Complex information that can be communicated in a standard, unambiguous way.