EQA Scheme Management

Axiom increases the efficiency and scalability of External Quality Assessment (EQA) provider organisations. Axiom manages scheme registration and participation and allows results to be collected and analysed. It handles participants from registration, scheme participation, billing and payments, scheme operation, results collection and analysis, through to certificate publication and document management.

Certus will work in partnership with your organisation to configure and customise the Axiom management system to meet your needs and those of your scheme participants. Together we can help develop your online presence to the standards expected in the industry today. We can build your brand, and reflect this throughout your web presence and in the electronic documentation generated automatically through Axiom.

Key features:

  • Axiom is delivered via a secure internet connection, requiring no installation or systems administration. It is accessed via any standard web browser.
  • A core Schemes Management module allows EQA schemes to be designed and executed and reused. It provides control and supervision of many schemes no matter when operated through the year.
  • Axiom enables the online sale of membership and scheme participation easing administration and reducing costs.
  • The Product Sales Management module maintains a sales ledger, issues invoices and tracks payments, to keep control of your accounts-receivable, and ensures timely financial management.
  • A configurable scoring system enables the development and operation of complex EQA schemes. Participants can see their performance over time and individual and cohort performance can be analysed and reported.
  • Axiom maintains records of scheme participants, individuals and the organisations they work for, ensuring you can communicate with the right person at the right time.
  • A Document Management System is the repository for all important records allowing convenient online access to key documents for you and your participants.
  • A Journal module records email and paper communications to form an audit trail that eases the resolution of operational difficulties and improves your quality of service.
  • A website that integrates informational pages with key data from Axiom to inform participants and project the quality and values of your organisation.
  • Supports compliance with ISO17043.

Scheme Dashboard

Axiom is a powerful management system that helps establish the standards and operational efficiency that an external quality assessment provider promotes. Axiom is a fully supported, secure online application for progressive quality networks and independent standards organisations.

Build a high quality Online Presence

As an EQA provider, you must set high standards. In the era of Web 2.0, a comprehensive professional website says much about the organisation which it represents. EQA scheme participants can expect a rich information resource to be available to guide their quality management initiatives and to underpin their EQA network membership.

Certus works with organisations to develop a comprehensive website aligned to users’ needs that provides access to all the necessary information and documentation demanded by EQA scheme participants. We use a website content management system to allow you to control the content, and we integrate Viola information to keep the website content right up to date.

A full, high quality portal for an EQA organisation provided by Certus would include: 

  • An online calendar of schemes and their key dates, which is automatically maintained against these details as recorded and managed within the Viola management system.
  • An online application process allowing new participant to apply for membership and once approved register for EQA schemes.
  • Access to key documents such as best practice guides, scheme reports, manuals and publications, all generated automatically in a consistent house style, controlled, versioned, and published via a public or members-only area within the website.
  • A well presented website with full information covering the EQA organisation’s objectives, operation, standards and governance.
  • A Website Content Management System to allow the update and extension of the website without a necessity to involve Certus.

Build a Catalogue of Products and Services

Using Viola a collection of products and services can be designed and offered to participants online. Schemes, memberships, conference and meeting registrations are configured and made available via the website at predefined dates. Participants register/purchase items from the online catalogue and as necessary their account is charged. Customers can review their previous registrations and receive automatic renewal reminders for annual subscriptions.

Manage Membership and Participation Fees

As appropriate, fees and costs can be attributed to catalogue items. A sales ledger maintains the record of all purchases whilst customer sales accounts maintain details of each participant’s account. Invoices can be raised, emailed and made available for download. Items can be priced in different currencies and local taxes applied. Payments can be recorded and credit managed through debtor reports. As required, Viola user accounts can be granted to a host organisation’s finance department to integrate accounting processes and procedures.

Manage Fees

Operate timely and efficient EQA Schemes

Axiom Viola allows an EQA scheme to be broken down into phases. Dates and actions are assigned to phases. For example, a scheme can be opened for online registration on a predetermined date, with registration closing in the same manner. A reporting phase can be similarly opened that allows participants to upload documents as a part of a scheme completion. Email reminders and a scheme dashboard assist participants in keeping to scheme timetables and automation minimises scheme organiser’s workload.

Automate Results Analysis and Publication

Scoring systems can be designed for each EQA. Schemes can include one or more questions to which maximum scores are ascribed. Totals can be designed as functions of the set of question scores. This flexible system can be adapted to manage most scheme designs, and individual participant scores can be recorded against the scoring system.

Manage Scores

Individual participant results can be analysed over time and comparisons across laboratories developed. Once scores have been finalised, the results can be published and made available to individuals or to all scheme participants as appropriate. Certificates of participation and performance are automatically generated.

Cut costs, increase efficiency and offer new and innovative EQA schemes

Axiom Viola and a partnership with Certus represents an opportunity to improve standards and recover administration time. These gains allow more participants to be managed and makes it easier to incorporate new schemes as technology develops.

Contact Certus today to discuss how we can work together to build and execute EQA schemes effectively and efficiently