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Patient Database and Case Management

The Clarinet platform is primarily used as a patient database. However, its powerful project centred architecture allows a wide range of applications. The majority of patient databases record primary patient details and record data captured in clinical episodes. Whilst this approach provides a clear transactional record is fails to capitalise on the opportunities these data provide. Clarinet allows a temporal model of a patient to be constructed from the transactional records. This assists with data quality management and allows datasets to be prepared for downstream analytics. The advanced database architecture provide efficient data management and enables modern predictive techniques such as machine learning.



Electronic Lab Notes

Inscribe is a web based system that centralises data storage, and enables collaboration and data retrieval. Inscribe is about preserving the value generated by research activity.



EQA Scheme Management

Axiom increases the efficiency and scalability of External Quality Assessment (EQA) provider organisations. Axiom manages scheme registration and participation and allows results to be collected and analysed. It handles participants from registration, scheme participation, billing and payments, scheme operation, results collection and analysis, through to certificate publication and document management.



Training, Assessment & Competency Tool

TACT is a scenario based training platform that uses a knowledge modeling AI to delivery realistic training scenarios and assessment to end users. Conventional scenario based training systems require sufficient fixed scenarios to be developed to deliver a the range necessary to end users. Certus’ Training, Assessment and Competency Tool (TACT) generates logically and domain consistent scenarios randomly and assesses user’s performance automatically.