RMAS Website Launched

24 July 2012
The RMAS Website is launched today, providing a range of information regarding RMAS project.

The RMAS website will soon be the access point for resources including the RMAS connector. The RMAS Supplier Agnostic Connector is an open source data integration platform which is a part of the RMAS project, developed by Certus in cooperation with Exeter University. The RMAS-SAC extracts data from disparate sources, transforms, and loads it into target systems or data warehouses. 

Delivering data in batch or real time, this enterprise-class data integration platform enables data synchronisation and accelerates Business Inteligence deployments.

Certus offers a range of consulting services to HEIs relating to research management and administration systems. These service include:

  • Strategic Information Systems Planning
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Intellegence
  • RMAS plugin development

For further details see RMAS services