Manuscript accepted for publication

16 June 2011
Certus and our co-authors are delighted to have had our manuscript accepted for publication in Pediatric Radiology. In the paper we set out how using semantic technologies a knowledge base can be applied to this important healthcare problem.

Child abuse is a highly significant public health issue. Diagnosis is sensitive and challenging, and many radiologists are dissatisfied with levels of training and support.

An ELEctronic knowledgebase for Clinical care, Teaching and Research In Child Abuse (ELECTRICA) should solve many current problems. ELECTRICA will be populated with clinical information, radiographs and radiographic findings in children presenting with injury (accidental or suspected abuse), to form a unique knowledge base. This web-based tool will support training, allow multicentre international collaborative research and provide robust evidence to support the legal process.

The ELECTRICA platform is dependent upon Certus' work in the area of ontology development to describe radiographic findings and levers the power of the Semantic Web technology stack. The overall systems architecture is based upon our Axiom Clarinet platform.