Technology will affect competitive advantage if it has a significant role in determining an organisation's relative cost position or product differentiation. Certus Technology develops IT solutions that create such advantages.

Certus Technology has wide business experience and can offer a fresh perspective on how IT can benefit your organisation. We can provide IT consulting to assist your organisation to evaluate the potential benefits of IT. We build small to medium sized systems based on our powerful technology framework of proprietary and Open Source solutions. We specialise in data modeling and process automation, deploying scalable, distributed applications that address the opportunities created by mobile and network computing. We also use our own technologies to offer very cost-effective process outsourcing services, including accounting, forms management and paperless office.

Our team of software developers, testers and documentation authors has experience in the whole development process, from assessing the business requirement through to systems architecture, design, development, documentation, deployment and support.

We are skilled in the technical areas such as systems integration, design and development. We also specialise in the socio-technical aspects of systems development and use. In this we seek to understand your organisational context and work closely with systems users on effective solutions.

Certus Technology Associates Limited

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