Fireflint eMarketing

Marketing Campaign Management

Fireflint eMarketing is a web based one-to-one email marketing solution that can deliver highly targeted or mass marketing campaigns to obtain and maintain profitable customers.

Using Fireflint eMarketing you can:

  • Broadcast personalised emails to mailing lists to build and maintain customer relationships.
  • Go beyond mass email broadcasting with automatic one-to-one communications to engage with customers and improve conversation rates.
  • Segment mailing lists and target recipients with SMS, email or direct mail.
  • Monitor delivery with customisable performance reports that inform your campaign planning to improve delivery and response.

Internet enabled electronic communication provides exciting new ways of building customer relationships. Our Fireflint eMarketing solution goes beyond direct-mail and mass email technology to enable automatic one-to-one interactions to better engage customers and increase conversion rates. If you are planning web, SMS, email or direct mail campaigns, Fireflint eMarketing makes it easy to segment customers and prospects, to design multi-staged, targeted and timely campaigns, and to deliver personalised marketing messages.

Through a customer's interaction with campaign messages, Fireflint eMarketing builds clearer customer profiles which can be fed back to allow campaign optimisation. Fireflint eMarketing can be integrated with a website to:

  • generated qualified sales leads;
  • attract new and returning visitors;
  • track individual users from a link in a marketing email through to their interaction with your website;
  • respond to eCommerce sales with follow-up, sell-on, sell-up or cross-sell marketing.

If you can specify a plan to communicate and interact with your customers that is aimed at generating business, then contact the Certus team to discover how to automate and execute your email broadcast plan.

Applications Include:

  • Sell-on, Sell-up and Cross-Selling
  • Questionnaires
  • Newsletters and linked marketing follow-ups
  • Mass mailing (over 750,000 emails per day)
  • Mail-merge
  • Competition / prize draw entry
  • Voucher based promotion
  • Prospect / Customer segmentation
  • Customer profiling

Fireflint eMarketing is ideal for:

  • Broadcast email campaigns
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Personalised email broadcasts
  • Templated emails
  • Customised email management
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Mail merge management

Features Include:

  • Full campaign management
  • Bulk and/or targeted emailing
  • Open link and interaction tracking
  • Management and performance information reporting
  • Script based email templates
  • High throughput mail servers
  • Automated subscribe, unsubscribe and bounce handling
  • Templated email generation

Measure and Manage

Fireflint eMarketing includes inbuilt campaign monitoring and reporting tools that provide insights into campaign performance and effectiveness. These tools provide both statistical reports and graphic representations of campaign performance including hot-spot representations of email and web interaction. These business intelligence functions build a deeper understanding of the marketing campaigns and allow incremental improvements that optimise returns.

Fireflint eMarketing options include pay-as-you-go services, software-as-a-service options and turnkey solutions.

One-to-One Marketing

To increase campaign response rates, marketing messages must target the right people and appeal to them personally. Fireflint eMarketing includes advanced campaign personalisation capabilities, to segment audiences and to create, send and track emails, SMS or paper communications. Mail-merge technology allows customer details to be embedded and a built-in scripting language allows message content to be customised. As required, each message in a campaign is linked to a following message. When a customer interacts with the communication the next step in the marketing plan can be enacted. Designing good quality interactive campaigns, inline with one-to-one marketing principles, ensures the delivery of compelling and relevant marketing messages. As an example, when a passenger books a flight online, Fireflint eMarketing can send a personalised follow-up confirmation email; a week later a marketing email containing links to book hotels and car hire is dispatched. Depending on the links clicked in the email, the system follows up with a reinforcement email. If a customer follows an email based link into a Fireflint managed website, the eMarketing system can track the customer's interests via their click trail through the website. This trail can be used to direct the next stage of the marketing plan. As each customer is managed separately, Fireflint eMarketing creates one-to-one interactions that improve customer loyalty and conversion rates.

Support Services Include:

  • Marketing plan development
  • email template development
  • Contact database management
  • Full telephone support
  • SLA based delivery
  • Performance management

For profession email marketing design serivces, in the UK or elsewhere, Fireflint eMarkerting solutions can drive lead generation and conversion. For mass email markerting or target email marketing, contact Certus to discuss your requirements and our marketing software solutions.