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Today’s organisations face an ever-growing range of challenges that can successfully be tackled with tailored, agile and integrated IT solutions. To better equip your organisation, Certus can provide software that addresses your current requirements and can be adapted as your business needs evolve.

Axiom Clarinet

Patient Registry and Case Management

Axiom Clarinet is a patient registry and case management platform which is tailored to each specialism to which it is applied. It operates as a patient registry for disease networks or as a patient records system for use in a clinic. This powerful and flexible platform is ideal for managing complex patient data. It is configured according the the specific needs of the patients, their conditions and the clinic. It can centre upon the index patient or family, record care episodes and referrals and act as a repository of data for analysis.



Mouse Colony and Research Data Management

Growbase is a management system for organisations that use in-vivo models (Mus musculus) in life science research. Growbase includes functions for both researchers and colony managers.


Axiom Viola

EQA Scheme Management

Axiom Viola increases the efficiency and scalability of External Quality Assessment (EQA) provider organisations. Axiom Viola manages scheme registration and participation and allows results to be collected and analysed. It handles participants from registration, scheme participation, billing and payments, scheme operation, results collection and analysis, through to certificate publication and document management.



Data Collection & Analysis

If you have collected survey data using spreadsheets, electronic documents or paper forms, you will know how merging the returns for analysis is a major headache. Surveyor uses tools, such as MS Excel, and web delivered database technology to control access to online and offline survey forms, taking the pain out data collection and analysis.


Fireflint eMarketing

Marketing Campaign Management

Fireflint eMarketing is a web based one-to-one email marketing solution that can deliver highly targeted or mass marketing campaigns to obtain and maintain profitable customers.