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Certus Technology

Certus Technology designs, builds, delivers and supports adaptable software and services, to assist higher education establishments, life-science, biotech, healthcare and private sector organisations in the management of complex data and processes. 

Certus Technology



  • Semantic Web technologies to improve interoperability and to handle complexity
  • Temporal databasing for real-world problems such as longitudinal studies
  • Data analytics & Natural Language Processing (NLP) for information extraction
  • Process management to coordinate users in the collection and handling of data




  • Patient Registries
  • Diagnostic and Research Databases
  • Longitudinal Study
  • Electronic Lab Books
  • Mouse Colony Management
  • Plasmid Management
  • Survey Data Collection and Analysis
  • EQA and PT Scheme Management




  • Clinical Form Design
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Document Scanning and Information Extraction
  • IT & Information Systems Consultancy
  • Requirements Capture
  • System Design and Development
  • Website and Internet Systems Development
  • User Training
  • System Hosting, Support and Maintenance

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25 November 2013

Following an article in a national publication, a local newspaper picks up Certus success story

11 November 2013

SYBIL- an international, multi million pound research project, which aims to identify the causes of bone and rare skeleton diseases, was launched last month in Italy.